The Complete Diwani Script Mastery Program - Arabic Calligraphy

A transformational calligraphy art coaching program that will teach you the entire Diwani script from absolute scratch.
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  • Level: Beginne
  • Hours : 18+ Hrs  
  • PDFs : 40+
  • Certificate
Omar Uddin

About The Course.

Join Omar Uddin in this 7-Week Online Program to Master the Diwani Program. The program will guide you step-by-step on how you to write individual, paired letters, sentences and complex compositions.

  • Master the Diwani Script
  • Reference Guids and Practice Sheets
  • Homework & Practice Assignments
  • Real Time Practice Videos for Assignments

Introduction to the Diwani Script Mastery Program

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Learn Individual Letters.

Start simple by learning individual letters first.

Learn Pair Tables.

Progress to learning pair tables.

Learn Sentences.

Progress to learning sentences.

Learn Jalil Diwani.

Progress to learning Jalil Diwani. Take on projects such as creating a circle, horizontal band and a boat

Course Lessons

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