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Muslim Courses is an e-learning marketplace for Muslim students offering free and paid courses from verified course creators and organisations. Our mission is to up-skill Muslims toward the forefront of society, without them loosing their Islamic identity.

We want to be the go to learning place for all aspects of a muslims life by offering courses that range from traditional Islamic Sciences to graphic design, calligraphy, mental health, poetry and financial management. 

Providing you with interactive and engaging student experiences.

High Learning Quality

Courses built for easy online learning with fluidity and animations to keep you engaged.

Short and Long Courses

Learn from home with either short online courses or in-depth programmes.

Interactive Quizzes and Resources

Download course resources for extra study and put your knowledge to the test.

Earn Badges and Certificates

Commit to the subjects you love to pick up cool badges and certificates.

Providing you with interactive and engaging student experiences.

High Learning Quality

Short and Long Courses

Interactive Quizzes 

Earn  Certificates

Live- stream with us.

Live-streaming reminders and courses from speakers, teachers, schools and mosques. Contact us to start streaming your classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Our expert teachers are excited to share their knowledge, experience, wisdom, and trusted tools with you.
They are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge in their fields.

Radwa Obayd

Arabic Blooms

Ismaeel Beaumont

Maysoor Academy

Abu Muhammad

Quran Made Easy

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“Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.” - Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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